Our Emergence

Brand VEENA was established in the year 1988 with the help of initial setup laid at SURVADA, Morbi district, Kathyawad, Gujarat by Mr. Vinod A. Makwana. Initially all the activities of manufacturing and supply was done through the personal touch of Mr. Vinod A. Makwana to rest assure about the quality of product. The whole journey started with manufacturing of tavitha (turner). This tavitha (turner) being marketed at Rajkot and Mumbai proved to be a great success marching towards the symbol of growth. Being a visionary person Mr. Vinod A. Makwana had a vision to set a benchmark in this industry and has been constantly working hard towards achieving this goal.

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Business Strategy

With the passage of time Mr. Vinod A. Makwana moved to Umbergaon with his younger brothers Mr. Ashok A. Makwana & Mr. Rajesh A. Makwana. They three joined hands together and tied a knot of M/S VARA BROTHERS and started manufacturing of pakkad (cookware pincer).

The production capacity increased with the growing demands of our products in the market. The products were manufactured and marketed under the brand name VEENA and TORAL. The whole business at this point of time was backed with a team of 10 manpower operating in 1 unit.

Journey between Beginner and Success

With the chain of ongoing rise in demand of pakkad (cookware pincers) and tavitha (turner), Mr. Vinod A. Makwana came up with enlarging new unit and setup 2 more units with the support of 20 manpower and started producing khalbatta (Mortar and Pestle). We have been prime manufacturer and seller of stainless steel khalbatta (Mortar and Pestle) within India which has added much more to our brands and have taken us to the next level of success.

Our Growth

From day one emphasis was laid on quality and innovation and constructively the brand came up with a huge success leading to demand for one more unit and thus OM PARAD STEEL aroused and started its operations at prime location Mumbai under the brand name TORAL, PRIYA and VEENA. Owing to customer satisfaction and while enjoying the taste of customer loyalty we came up with manufacturing of wide range of cookware namely pakkad (cookware pincers), tavitha (turner), mashers and khalbatta (mortar and pestle) under 3 different units supported by a team of 35 manpower.

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Long way till yet

To commensurate with the demand and to create a benchmark in this industry, a new unit was started to maintain the desired level of quality and high level of customer satisfaction. Today in all we operate over 4 units with a team of 50 manpower which are the pillars of our business. A great amount research and development has taken place to understand the nature of industry and customers. With our cumulative experience of more than two decades we have been able to keep up the elegance and durability intact. Today TORAL KITCHENWARE is a reputable name in the market through our uncompromising quality and consistent efforts.